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Posted 1/5/10

What are we going to do about it? Editor,     Rosalie Everson’s commentary on future water shortages in the South Platte River Basin – “Outlook bleak for South Platte …

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What are we going to do about it?


    Rosalie Everson’s commentary on future water shortages in the South Platte River Basin – “Outlook bleak for South Platte River Basin” – Dec. 23, is stark, brutal and true. We are not “banking” water for our future. Far from it. We’re using water much faster than it can be replaced. The SPRB has far more people right now than can be sustained.  Underground reservoirs are shrinking rapidly with the current demand for water, but none of the people in Everson’s article stated the obvious: population levels in the SPRB must be reduced. The article stated, “Closing the door to new residents, an option one  member of the audience inquired about, would not completely solve the  problem. Fifty percent of the increased water users will be children and grandchildren of those who are already living in Colorado.”  So, the situation is so critical that closing the doors will not completely solve the problem.

    We cannot support the people we have now. Population must be reduced. If we don’t, Mother Nature will. And Mother Nature doesn’t have much empathy. Come on. We know there’s no more water available. We’re using more than is sustainable right now, so why are more people moving into the SPRB? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to prevent investment in houses, roads, shopping centers, etc. than to be forced to abandon them down the road when there’s no more water?  Oh, come on, it’s not that bad you say. OK, let’s assume you’re right. What happens next year when 2 percent of the underground reservoirs dry up, and we add another 75,000 people to the state. Still OK? Two years from now, we’ve lost 4 percent of our reservoirs and added 150,000 people.  How are we doing now?  OK, 10 years from now we’ve lost nearly 20 percent of our reservoirs and added 1 million people.  No matter how much we conserve, you cannot sustain the number of people now living in the SPRB, let alone adding more.  The outlook for the South Platte River Basin is bleak. Those are your  headlines.  Don’t you think its time to take action?


Ken Hampshire



Stop on-demand abortion


    Happy holidays to all. I want to ask all people this holiday season to pray and hope that our country’s leaders, citizens of the U.S. and the world can change the views of many and beliefs about the greatest tragedy in our country’s history– right up there with slavery, civil rights violation, and world tragedies like the holocaust of millions of Jews. I am talking about nearly 50 million abortions since the 1973 Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision.

    I am not here to chastise women that have had an abortion. I am here to chastise the government leaders who support it and a society that condones it. I have yet to meet a woman who had an abortion who did not deeply regret having one.

    Take a look at it from a religious, spiritual and a loving God’s point of view. One only needs to a look at the Day of Judgment that each and every one of us will see. I wonder when God asks an elected official or abortion doctor “Why did you feel the need to take the life of the most vulnerable and innocent of all-the unborn?” I don’t think God will be very forgiving.

    Think about slavery and civil rights violations base on color and race – i.e. blacks must ride on the back of the bus or in the days of slavery if you were black you were a slave and white you were not, versus out of the womb you are equal and protected under the law and if someone kills you they go to prison including the mother if they kill a baby after birth. Yet in the womb you have no rights and can be killed for whatever reason the mother wants. I ask you what is the difference between an abortion clinic in the U.S.A. and a concentration camp in Nazi Germany other than one is in a strip mall and the other was a brutal prison. The outcome is the same– death of innocent lives.

    The days of hiding behind the 70s flower power, brain washing, and indoctrination of “it’s a woman’s right” needs to change. These are unborn human lives and trying to make it feel OK by saying it is only a fetus or an embryo is wrong. You have to be either ignorant or in denial in today’s society to not realize that life starts at the time of conception. The abortion pill is nothing more than rat poison for the unborn.

    The only reason abortion should be legal is if the life of the mother is endangered. No one should be forced to give life for another. Then there is the crime of pregnancy due to rape and incest. Well, it is a violent criminal tragedy and the people committing the crimes need to be locked up for good. The life created is an innocent victim. Also, I touch on this because this is really the only issue that Pro-choice people have to throw at the public to keep abortion on demand alive. If this country’s laws could be changed to eliminate all abortions with even these few exceptions it would stop almost all of the abortions.

    Without a change in the way people think about abortion, the atrocity of abortion on demand will continue to plague the greatest country ever created on earth. Prior to 1973, I am not aware of any peaceful, loving society that encouraged abortion on this level. Protect life and vote for Pro-life candidates. Though we’re all sinners, I think when your Day of Judgment comes you will feel much better about things. I know I do. I used to think abortion was a woman’s right until I sat down with Pro-life women, became a parent, grew older, and, yes, had a closer relationship with God.

    As America’s population is aging, remember what could have been if nearly 50 million American lives had not been aborted. It time to stop the insanity– it is time to stop the Holocaust/genocide of our time. It is time to stop abortion on demand. It is time for equality and justice for all and that includes the unborn.

Tom Janich



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